About Us

Jensen’s Foreign Car auto repair shop has been a family owned and operated business and at the same location since 1980.   We treat each customer as if they are family.  We wouldn’t let family drive a car that isn’t in peak condition, and we won’t let you do it either.

We have been servicing generations of foreign car owners in the Santa Clara Valley.  Some of our customers will only purchase vehicles we service and encourage their family to do the same.  While your immediate repair is our priority, we encourage you to use us for continued routine maintenance, as well as your family and friends.  You want someone that knows you and your car, too.

Jensen’s Foreign Car service values our customers and our employees.  Our service technicians have a combined total of over 50 years in car care.

We are connected with professional Service Technicians in other shops across the country, tracking repair trends and issues.  Jensen’s is always in the know of what’s happening with your Japanese and Volvo automobiles.