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We specialize only in Volvos and Asian-imported or manufactured cars

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If you drive a Volvo or any Asian-Manufacturer car, Jensen’s Foreign Car Service should be your go-to shop for all regular maintenance and repairs in San Jose.

Our service technicians have over 90 years of combined experience. Visit us today for all your car-care needs.

All new parts and labor

If you follow all Factory maintenance and our interval service, we should be able to catch and minimize most issues.

Unlimited miles

For most new parts
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All new parts and labor

If you follow all Factory maintenance and our interval service, we should be able to catch and minimize most issues.

Unlimited miles

For most new parts
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Repair and Maintenance Service

At Jensen’s Foreign Car Service, we do not service American or German makes of cars. Because you won’t be sold services, you don’t need you can rely on our honest and trustworthy advice when having repairs performed.

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We are conveniently located near Highways 85, 87, VTA Lightrail, and Westfield Oakridge Mall.

Come see us at 5811 Winfield Blvd., San Jose, California 95123.

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My family and I have taken our vehicles here consistently for the past few years. It’s family owned the and owners really take time to take care of your needs and get your car back to you ASAP. They also really get familiar with their clients which I value because I like to trust the people handling my car. Honesty is hard to come by when it comes to getting costly repairs. I feel this is one of the very few honest car shops out there. Bob and Mary (owners) have always given fair prices on their services and have never deceived me into getting unnecessary repairs. I also love that they always have their dogs  in the office! Both dogs are very friendly. Watch out though, the little one can get a little nippy. HeheRead More…

Tatiana N.

San Jose, CA

I read a couple of the bad reviews and I felt compelled to speak to my experience as I couldn’t help but wonder if a few reviewers were really being fair about their perceptions – is it possible that your unending car problems and mounting bill were real and Bob was only being the great mechanic he is?  

We first came to Bob about fifteen years ago. We were young and had little money and were entirely dependent on our vehicle. Made in Japan quickly diagnosed a sound as a $2K clutch/transmission job. Because they diagnosed it so quickly and so expensively, we sought a second opinion. Our second opinion looked at the vehicle and said, I don’t think that I can fix it, but it is definitely not clutch/transmission. On a friend’s recommendation, we brought the car to Jensen’s. Quickly, Bob called us back to tell us that he was also sure it was not the problem that Made in Japan said it was, but he was going to have to figure it out. He apologized for keeping it a third day, but he finally figured out the problem and at the end of it, we paid just under $200 for everything. 

We will continue to bring our cars to Bob as long as he is in business because Jensen’s is good, honest, and it’s very reasonably priced. Anyone who questions Bob’s integrity has rocks in their head. This is an honest shop and Bob is a talented mechanic who treats people right!Read more…

Dave F.

San Jose, CA

I was referred to this shop this past weekend by a mechanic friend. I contacted them Monday morning, I had some type of oil leak at the back of engine and it was smoking. Told to bring it by. They looked at it and said it was the valve gasket, and needed to go ahead and replace both, since it involves taking half the engine apart!  They ordered the parts, got a later call , Mary missed one set of parts, but wanted to verify it was ok the quote would be higher. They fixed my Honda in just a few hours, thank goodness to a few cancelled appointments. Nothing but friendly, efficient, good customer service, highly recommended by my friend and others. I have found my new shop to take my car to.
Thank you Jensen’s!!Read More…

Jennifer F.

San Jose, CA